Maximus Project Taiwan

Maximus Project (M.P. Brake) is one of the biggest brake pads brands in the market now.  We offer the best products with the highest quality in automotive disc brake pads and accessories. We are mainly focused in developing and producing superior automobile disc brake pads. Our products are made of exceptional NAO(Non-Asbestos Organic) Ceramic materials. Maximus Project is in cooperation with the famous Japanese Z.S.S. Group to research the latest technology in developing brake pad formula.


We are aimed to supply our excellent products to our customers around the world and to make them feel satisfied with the perfomance. We want more consumers to experience this outstanding braking capability and so to ensure their driving safety. We have earned exceptional reputation in the market, and our products are being sold in many countries such as Japan, USA, Singapore, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Cambodia. We are planning to expand our business to all over the world. If you are interested in learning more about us, please feel free to contact us.

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Maximus Project Taiwan


Maximus Project (M.P. Brake)是目前市場上最大、最著名的碟式煞車來令片品牌之一,我們提供您最優質、最高品質的煞車來令片以及汽車零件相關的產品。我們專注於研發、生產出最優質的碟式煞車來令片..等,來令片材質使用NAO非石棉複合式陶瓷配方材質所製成。Maximus Project Taiwan與跟日本知名Z.S.S.集團合作, 一起研發最新科技、高性能最高品質的煞車來令片配方。


Maximus Project持續努力,期盼能提供最優越效能的產品,並希望能讓使用者都能對我們的產品感到滿意。將好的產品擴展到世界各地海外市場,讓更多的消費者能夠使用到真正好的煞車來令片,提升行車的安全。我們在市場上擁有很好的聲譽,並且出口至全球海外許多國家。例如:日本,美國,新加坡,俄羅斯,澳大利亞,印度尼西亞,馬來西亞,泰國,菲律賓,柬埔寨等。


Maximus Project Taiwan

▶Maximus Project Taiwan
Maximus Project Brake(M.P. Brake) 
ADDRESS: No.472, Renhe Rd., East District, Taichung City 401, Taiwan
TEL: 886-4-22810568
FAX: 886-4-22810518
LINE ID: maximus.taiwan